Some reflections after making "Sky"

Most of you probably noticed, but I have to make it clear that this game is actually my first one. I was not trying to make a masterpiece, I was actually striving to apply what I'm learning on this Unity course, and I have to say that I'm pretty satisfied with the end result. When I started, I was aiming for 4 things:

  • A complete game loop (where you could lose or win, and the game would respond properly);
  • A full boss fight with multiple stages (in this case, 3);
  • Smooth transitions between screens;
  • And responsive controlls.

Of course, the game is not perfect (actually, far from it). I will probably not update it (since it already acomplished what I was aiming for), but, if I would, these are the things I would try fix:

  • After transitioning the game from Unity4 to Unity5, some texts became blurry.
  • In the second stage of the boss fight, some people do not notice they have to use the sound to avoid the big laser. I should have showed the big laser first in a safe environment, that way the player would be able to learn about it without being punished.
  • I should've made it clear that you can only shoot after the boss is on the screen. A lot of people's first impression is that the game is not working (since they can't shoot yet).
  • I'm still not sure if the game is too hard (I need more people to play it so I can arrive to a conclusion).

That's what I can think for now. I hope I can play this game years ahead and see how far I've gone. Thanks for your attention (and sorry if there is any english mistake)!



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Jul 28, 2017